Poweredge 2950, 1950, 860 and ubuntu server

Giorgio Zarrelli zarrelli at linux.it
Wed Apr 18 06:10:16 CDT 2007


I was thinking to buy a PE 2950, 1 PE 1950 and a PE 860, putting Ubuntu server 
on them.

For the 2950 I was thinking to build a raid 10 with 4 sas 15K discs (db 
server). For the other 2 just a RAID 1 with 2 SAS discs (1 web server, 1 
server for backups).

Just 2 questions:

1. Any compatibility issues with Ubuntu server (edgy or mabye Feisty)?

2. The Drac 5 card can be used on those servers and with Ubuntu? I never used 
a Drac card, so this last question can be a stupid one.

Thanks a lot.

Giorgio Zarrelli

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