Critical Dell BIOS Update

Andrew Reid AndrewReid at
Mon Apr 16 19:40:15 CDT 2007

Michael E Brown wrote:

> Huh? You didnt get this from, I'm guessing.
> I'm working on debian packages for firmware-tools and
> firmware-addon-dell, and deb conversions of the bios
> images. These should be posted within a few weeks.
> --
> Michael

Thank-you, thank-you. In the meantime I have compiled the libsmbios 
package (0.13.5) on an Ubuntu 6.10 x64 box. It seems to have produced 
the requisite binaries.

Where does one find the extract-hdr program. Is it available as source 
or do I have to break the binary out of an RPM (and which one).

Thank you for the work.

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