Which one is better Fedora, Debian, Ceos ..

Fred Skrotzki fskrotzki at textwise.com
Mon Apr 16 08:52:32 CDT 2007

It all depends on what you want?
Fedora is a "Test OS" that cycles versions quickly and has a very short
support life span.  In the last two years it has gone from FC3 to FC6
and support for FC3 is gone with FC4 almost out of time also.
CentOS is a free clone of RHEL with some minor name changes to protect
them and while still not having "Offical" Dell support it is compatible
with RHEL and most ofthe time you don't get any support push back on
issues if you contact them about it.  Since RHEL has a longer shelf life
you'll get a longer life cycle out of this version then Fedora.


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Hi all,


We are planning to have a robust linux network to run EDA tools and a
file server (FPGA design mainly, Modelsim, Quartus are the main tools)
What linux would you recommend?. So far I have tried Debian and Fedora
with different versions and none of them seem to be a smooth solution.
We are not linux expert's just average users.


Any comments are welcome, thanks.



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