BMC communication failure

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On 4/12/07, Robert Gravsjö <robert.gravsjo at> wrote:
> Am I forced to update firmware to resolve this or is there any other 
> way? (Cold reboot?)

  Do a full shutdown, and then disconnect all AC power sources ("unplug it").  With the power disconnected, press the machine's soft power switch, as if you were going to turn it on.  Then wait about 30 seconds.  Then reconnect power and power back on, and see if that fixes it. (The BMC is normally power by "standby power", even if the machine is in the "off" state, so you have to disconnect line in to really do a power reset on it.)

  Could also be that Something Happened(TM) and the firmware got corrupted.  Trying to re-flash might fix that.

  You might also just have a hardware failure.  It could be the BMC just died.

-- Ben

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