Which one is better Fedora, Debian, Ceos ..

Gordon Henderson gordon at drogon.net
Sat Apr 14 11:54:47 CDT 2007

On Sat, 14 Apr 2007, Gilberto Rodriguez wrote:

> Hi all,
> We are planning to have a robust linux network to run EDA tools and a file
> server (FPGA design mainly, Modelsim, Quartus are the main tools) What linux
> would you recommend?. So far I have tried Debian and Fedora with different
> versions and none of them seem to be a smooth solution. We are not linux
> expert's just average users.

I work with people who use such EDA tools... If you want support from the 
venduh, you have to use the OS they support. Usual RHEx or SuSE.


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