Converting a (single-disk) RAID-0 back to a (two-disk) RAID-1

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Fri Apr 13 17:56:38 CDT 2007

* On Friday 13 April 2007 11:54, "Zembower, Kevin" <kzembowe at> 
>Maybe see 'omconfig Reconfiguring Virtual Disks' in 'Using the Storage
>Management Service' user's manual in the Command Line Interface User's
>Guide available at

  Cool, this looks like what I need.  Just to be clear, this process 
transforms the array in-place, right (in other words, without deleting 
the data)?  The 1->0 conversion happened on a live (in-use) filesystem, 
so I'm assuming it can go the other way (bringing the system down to do 
it on an unmounted volume is fine, though, if necessary).
  Actually, now that I'm looking at this page:

  I see this: "Dell OpenManage Array Manager (only for Windows and 
Netware)".  This system runs Debian Linux; any chance of an equivalent 

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