ERA/0 unresponsive after reset

Don Lachlan linux-on-dell at
Fri Apr 13 14:26:29 CDT 2007

I have two machines (1x 2650, 1x 1750) whose RAC became unresponsive
after a reset. The 1750 was after 'fwupdate', the 2650 after a

>From a management server, racadm contacts the RAC, I get packets back
but racadm says it cannot communicate.

ERROR: Unable to communicate with RAC controller. Please make sure that a RAC
controller is present in the server and appropriate software is installed.

I've tried a 'racreset', 'racresetcfg', and 'fwupdate'; I always get
that error. Getting on console and rebooting or installing the local
management software is not practical.

Are there any other suggestions for how to resolve this remotely? Is
there a way to prevent this occuring in the future?


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