Controller State "Degraded", now what?

Kuba Ober kuba at
Thu Apr 12 10:01:38 CDT 2007

> Is this "degraded" because of the minimum firmware version being
> greater than the current firmware version? If so: at the risk of re-
> asking already-answered questions, but wanting to be safe: what is
> the current best way to upgrade PERC firmware? (CentOS 4.4 / PE 1850s
> & 1950's)

There are linux tools for that, they are available for download from Dell. 
I've not done my upgrades any other way. The firmware will kick in after you 
reboot, which can be done at a more convenient time. Make sure you do have 
some time after the reboot for a backup restore, in case of things going 

The problem that someone else had of Perc trashing config after firmware 
upgrade could have been due to reflashing and rebooting while the controller 
wasn't "clean", i.e. sync in progress etc. If there's sync in progress (or 
some other activity like that), either wait for it to finish or pull the 
drive that's rebuilding. To be safe, I disable patrol reads where possible as 
well, to reduce any amount of possibly corruptible state. By corruptible 
state I mean everything other than the basic vdisk configuration. Things such 
as patrol read location, in-progress sync parameters and such may be 
implemented slightly differently in the newer firmware, and that could bite 
you. Or the older firmware had a bug in those data structures which wasn't 
feasible to work around, etc.

Cheers, Kuba

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