BMC communication failure

Robert Gravsjö robert.gravsjo at
Thu Apr 12 09:44:30 CDT 2007

Hi guys!

I noticed we've got this BMC communication failure when rebooting one of
our PE1950.
The RAC stopped responding to SSH after an abrupt disconnect and refuses
to accept any connections.
Rebooting stops with a note on "Baseboard Management Controller
Communication Failure." and I'm given the choice of <F1> to continue and
<F2> for system setup. The rest of the error message states:
!!*** Error: BMC firmware incompatible with CPU ***
!!*** Update BMC firmware ***

I'm a bit curious why this has happend, perticularly since we haven't
changed any CPU or BMC firmware. To my knowledge the only changes that
may have occured is kernel-config changes (running Gentoo dist) or BIOS
changes, but I can't recall any recent changes.

Anyone has encountered this?
Am I forced to update firmware to resolve this or is there any other
way? (Cold reboot?)



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