[announce] Dell linux hardware/software yum repos updated - OMSA 5.2

Michael E Brown Michael_E_Brown at dell.com
Thu Apr 12 08:45:08 CDT 2007


    This is a followup to the note sent earlier this week. I have
completed the work as of last night to update the Dell repositories with
OMSA 5.2. Docs will be updated shortly, as most of the webpages still
reference OM 5.1.

    The hardware-specific repo at /repo/hardware has been updated with
latest Server Assistant content. Also, each system has had OMSA added to
it's repository. This is now the preferred method of getting OMSA, and I
will be updating the docs soon with this information.

    My plan is to leave OMSA in the /repo/software repo for a couple of
months, so that people who installed from there can update from there as
well. But I will remove OMSA from this repo at the end of May.

Note -> RHEL3 support: Dell no longer supports RHEL 3. Thus, the new OM
packages are not released for RHEL3. All of the RHEL3 repos retain the
last supported version of OMSA for RHEL3: OM5.1. For those customers
still running RHEL3, I have not pulled any of the old RHEL3 content, but
it will remain frozen in place with no expected updates.

Note -> firmware-addon-dell: Please update to the latest version of
firmware-addon-dell. Version 1.2.11 was released April 8th and contains
several bugfixes. I see from my logs that a few people still have the
non-working version installed.

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