small OS display bug in OM 5.2

Rainer Traut at
Thu Apr 12 03:05:01 CDT 2007


it seems there is a small bug in OM 5.2.
I do not know if this already was in OM 5.1.

The webinterface shows this under Software/Operating System;

Betriebssystem		VMware Server
Betriebssystem-Version	1.0.2 build-39867 Kernel 2.6.9-42.0.10.ELsmp (i686)
Systemzeit		Thu Apr 12 09:56:28 2007
System-Startzeit	Wed Feb 28 10:08:26 2007

The real OS is Redhat EL4 U4 on a PE2650 and that's where OM is 
installed. Though it is true there is running an instance of VMWare 
Server with w2k.


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