[RFC] Dell hardware-specific repositories -- testers and feedback needed

Dhawal Doshy dhawal at netmagicsolutions.com
Thu Apr 12 01:30:58 CDT 2007

Michael_E_Brown at dell.com wrote:
> All,
>     I have put up a set of yum repositories at http://linux.dell.com/repo/hardware. Instructions are on the main page for how to set them up. Below is a quick question-and-answer format description of what this is.
> What is this?
>     Basically what this is is a set of yum repositories, one for each Linux OS supported by each Dell PowerEdge server model recently shipped, over 200 repositories, in total. With so many repositories to choose from, I have tried to make things easier by creating a 'yum' plugin that will automatically detect your system and set yum variables so that yum can automatically select the correct repository for your system. So, you can let the yum plugin do it, or you can manually set them up.
> What is in these repos?
>     I pulled all fo the content from the Dell Server Assistant CD to create these repos. This means that it contains all of the drivers and RPMs that are installed on the system by the DSA installation CD. This also means that if you installed your system with an older version of DSA, or if you got a factory-installed system, you can use these repos to update your system to the latest Dell tested and supported driver set.
> Why is this unofficial? Why do you need testers? Will it eat my system?
>     I have limited testing resources, so I have only been able to do very minimal testing on the repo. I expect that everything is in order because I used existing tools, with a few patches, to create this repo. The patched tools are available if you want to make your own. See the website.
>     At this point in time, please do not use this on production boxes, as it may very well eat your system. I anticipate that the bugs, if any, will be found quickly, though, and given a couple of weeks and adequate feedback from this list, that the repo will be out of beta status and ready for more general consumption (albeit, still on an *unofficial* basis)
>     This repo will remain unofficial for the forseeable future. If this repo is useful to you, feedback through your Dell account manager would be a good way to let Dell know it is useful, as well as feedback to this list.
> Is this safe to install on any system?
>     Yes, this is safe. The way the system works is that it uses the "mirrors.pl" script to redirect to the correct repository for your system. If there is no repo for your system, or you have this installed on an unsupported system or a non-dell system, the mirror script will redirect to an empty repository so that yum will not error out. (This works if you use the automatic repo setup option. If you manually download a specific repo file, then you are responsible for ensuring that it is only set up on supported systems.)
>     Last, we have been having intermittent lab network issues, so I have not been able to configure a machine to actually talk to this repo, so it is possible that there are brown-paper-bag bugs in there...

OK, got it working on 8 servers (mix of 860,1950.2950 running Centos 4.4 
i386/x86_64).. no problems so far.. save some response time issues with 
linux.dell.com (but that could be my problem)

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