Simplified Dell system-specific repository setup

Michael E Brown Michael_E_Brown at
Sun Apr 8 15:50:55 CDT 2007


    I have updated the docs at to
reflect a simplified method of setting up the (unofficial) Dell
hardware-specific repository. Basically, it is now a two-step process,
as I now have a "dellhw-repository" RPM in the Dell software repository.
Installing this RPM will install the necessary dellhw.repo files.

Example (yum):
    # wget -q -O - | bash
    # yum -y install dellhw-repository

Example (up2date):
    # wget -q -O - | bash
    # up2date -i dellhw-repository

    For RHEL 3/4 (and CentOS) systems, firmware-addon-dell now has a
up2date_repo_autoconf executable that will automatically set up
"up2date" for use with the correct repository. This executable is only
present in the RHEL3/4 RPM. If you install the dellhw-repository RPM,
this executable will automatically be run to set up your repository. If
you move hard drives to a different system type, it is recommended that
you re-run up2date_repo_autoconf to reflect the new system settings, as
they are not automatically updated via plugin like the yum settings are.

Note 1: you may still manually set up the repos by copying the
appropriate yum repo file, but this is no longer documented as the
automatic setup is a superior method.

Note 2: I may in the future supply a bootstrap for this repo by itself,
for the case where you have installed firmware-addon-dell from another
repository, but for now want to catch the common case.

Michael Brown

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