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> Myself, I'd shy away from anything Firewire/USB for mission critical

> on-line use. I doubt that those interfaces are really proven for much

> besides backup device applications. They are OK for desktop use such

> as video editing and whatnot, but for database storage, where if

> something gets corrupted a rebuild may be nontrivial -- nope.


> Are you trying to setup a system to play with, or is this to be a server?

> I wouldn't use an E520n (desktop) for a database server. Neither would I

> use Firewire drives, even to play with databases. It may be perfectly

> stable and whatnot, but then it may not quite be so. Since there are so

> many possible interplays between a Firewire storage device and rest of

> the system, it'd be safest to rely on well researched approaches such



>At least with those, the harmful interactions have been mostly worked out.


Cheers, Kuba




I'm setting this system up as a learning experience on Oracle 10g RAC.
Presently the company for whom I work is still on Oracle 8i and 9i.


I'm setting this RAC database up at home.  My plan is to:


1)    Get 10g RAC up and running with a simulated database center and
application in mind.  I want to have hands on experience and not just book
learning before taking the exam.

2)    Take the 10g OCP upgrade (1Z0-040) test (already have the 8i and 9i

3)    Get another machine for Oracle Applications 11i and refresh my memory
about being an Oracle Apps DBA.

4)    Install the Oracle web server on a machine I already own.

5)    Take the Oracle 11i DBA OCP upgrade (1Z0-233) test for those with
either a 9i or 10g OCP.


While this move isn't necessary for my job, IMHO keeping my skills and
certifications current is a positive move.


I decided on the system, drives, and using Firewire after reading the
article at:





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