[RFC] RHEL3/4 - automatic setup for Dell system-specific repo

seth vidal skvidal at linux.duke.edu
Thu Apr 5 15:37:54 CDT 2007

>     Right now, for yum-based systems (eg. RHEL5), I have a yum-plugin in
> firmware-addon-dell which will automatically set yum variables so that
> yum can automatically find and use the correct system-specific repo.
> Right now, there is no RHEL5 content in the repo, but I expect that to
> change in the next few weeks.

I just wanted to note that the above is exactly how we've been hoping
the plugin infrastructure would be used with yum. Specifically, though
the hardware-specific yum repos you've created using the systemid are
just plain hot.

I dunno if this is a plan, but if y'all ship linux installed on boxes,
having these repos be pre-configured out of the box to apply firmware
updates, add hw-access patches, etc. That would turn a fair number of
heads. No longer would sysadmins have to suffer through grousing around
looking for the right patches for their hw. They would just have them.

My biggest concern is that your windows customers might complain b/c
they don't have this, too.


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