Dell Precision 490 w/ Dell 3007WFP monitor

Jonah Simandjuntak jonahs at
Thu Apr 5 14:49:37 CDT 2007


I've a Dell Precision 490 with Quadro FX 550 video card and trying to get the maximum resolution on Dell 3007WFP monitor. I've contacted the Dell support line and they recommended to use nVidia FX 3450 or nVidia Quadro Geforce 7800 GTX. I've asked if the recommended video cards work on RedHat, and they were not sure.

Looking at the RedHat workstation (Precision 490) list of available cards, the recommended cards are not there. I've also installed the latest video driver from nvidia website (1.0-9755), I still don't see them listed. However, I see that in the supported products list, they are being shown.

I am wondering has anyone successfully use RedHat Enterprise Linux 4 on their Precision 490 with Dell 3007WFP monitor, using the highest resolution available? If so, which video card do you use?


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