PowerVault/Edge Configuration - ESX/Linux Server Install

Jeffrey C. Baldwin Jeff.Baldwin at ncmail.net
Tue Apr 3 16:15:26 CDT 2007

Hello All,

Fairly new to the SAN/fibre stuff, so work with me here please :-) .... 
we have *tons* of Dell equipment here, I'm just new and just now getting 
my hands into the system configuration stuff.

I ran into these problems during my attempt to install VMWare ESX3 
Server on the following hardware....  I'm just hoping for some help in 
ensuring that I have everything configured properly from a hardware 
perspective, I will provide as much information as possible.

Dell PowerEdge 2650 is the server I am attempting to install ESX3 Server 

This server did not come with a fibre channel card, so I removed one 
from another Dell system and installed a QLogic QLA2200 PCI Fibre 
Channel card...

Attached that to a Dell PowerVault 50F 8-Port Fibre Channel Switch

Which is then connected to a Dell PowerVault 650F (I wish I could 
name/identify the type of cable connecting the 50F to the 650F, however 
I have never seen a cable like this before)

Ok, from here... where do I go?  I have all of the physical connections 
and I can install ESX Server onto the PowerEdge 2650 internal RAID, no 
problem... but how do I know that the attached SAN is working  
properly?  How do I verify that the server is talking to the switch and 
the switch is talking to the SAN?

<additional notes for the card>
During the system POST/startup I see that the machine recognizes that 
the Fibre card has been installed, it shows the card model information 
and the BIOS version.
Tells me I can press Alt-Q for the Fast!UTIL
But then, it says "BIOS for Adapter 0 is disabled

Is that bad?

I press Alt-Q, click on fibre disk utility, the adapter is there, I 
click enter, Go into disk-utility options, and if I try any of the 
options there (low level format, verify disk data, etc..), I just get 
SCSI command errors

SCSI operation code:  00
SCSI sense key: 05
SCSI additional sense code:  04
SCSI additional Sense Code Qualifier:  00

That's as much information/knowledge as I have.... I hope someone can 
help point me in a goo direction

I'm just lost :-)

Any guidance, again, is greatly appreciated.


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