remote rebuild of LSI raid array w/megarc

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> Subject: remote rebuild of LSI raid array w/megarc
> Hi All -
> I have a pretty weird situation/question.  I have a poweredge 
> 1800 located on the other side of the world from me.  This 
> box has two disks in it, which were originally set up as a 
> mirror (raid1).
> A little while ago, one of the drives in the machine had a 
> smart failure or some such, enough to trigger the lsi logic 
> controller into offlining the drive.  A local admin rebooted 
> the system, and 'rebuilt' the array as raid0 in the lsi bios. 
>  It was enough to stop the beeping, so he walked away from 
> it.  The raid0 array was built with only one stripe, since 
> the other disk was offlined at the time.

Next time to just stop the beeping, use the option to disable the alarm in 'objects - adapter' in the RAID controller configuration instead. ;) Or simply use the "silencealarm" option with megarc... E.g 'megarc -silenceAlarm -aN'

> I've since shipped a new disk and I'd like to try and rebuild 
> the array as raid1 remotely, if I can.
> I have another 1800 here that I tried to rebuild in the same 
> way.  I made a raid1 array, threw rhel4 on it, popped out one 
> of the disks.  I then rebuilt the array as raid0, and stuck 
> the disk back in.  I used megarc to set the array back to 
> raid1 from the OS, and let it rebuild while the OS was booted (heh).
> I got some gnarly filesystem errors, rebooted, and got "GRUB 
> on reboot.  I'm guessing that the raid controller doesn't 
> know which disk to mirror when rebuilding the array or 
> something else even more obvious.  Does anyone know how to 
> tell the LSI controller exactly what I'm trying to do?  Below 
> is output from megarc on the actual system:

I would not use the word "rebuild" in this case, what you actually want to do is to reconfigure the RAID 0 array into a RAID 1 array. From what I can see in the megarc readme there is not option to reconfigure or reconstruct a Virtual Disk. I belive OpenManage Server Administrator's Storage Service can do an array reconfiguration from from a 1 disk RAID0 to a 2 disk RAID 1.

omconfig storage vdisk action=reconfigure .... Etc.

If you can not install OMSA, then I suggest going onsite and use the "Reconstruct" option in the RAID controller configuration utility.

Harald Jensås

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