Dell SNMP - Windows vs. Linux

Jason brechin at
Mon Apr 2 16:01:38 CDT 2007

Your first assumption is correct.  MIB files tell the SNMP client how to 
translate the values into more human-readable formats.  This does not, 
however, ensure that all the values in the MIB are actually available 
from the machine.

> If you did put dell Mibs in /usr/share/snmp/mibs, then it should work 
> the same for windows and linux box !
> actually , I am questionning myself on this issue ... I wonder what is 
> the use of mibs files ? is it only a question of translating oids to 
> "human readable" values (. <-> iso.snmp...entreprise) or has 
> it a "real power" of retreiving  datas ?  As long as we  request  oids 
> by numeric  value -> . , what's the 
> need of installing the dell OIDs ? and installing a mib,  is it as 
> simple as putting the mib file in /usr/share/snmp/mibs ?
> Thanks .
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