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Greg Gilmour greg at
Sat Sep 16 14:58:18 CDT 2006

Hello Glenn,

There were two methods I found to get Debian Sarge installed on a 
 PE SC430.  The first one [0] utilizes either Knoppix or Ubuntu to
bootstrap Sarge on the machine.  Only problem I found is that it will
only install the i686 version and not the AMD64/EM64T version of Debian.
I tried using the 64-bit version of Ubuntu, but ran into problems
getting a custom kernel compiled (haven't tried it in a while, but any
newer version of Ubuntu AMD64 might have fixed this).  I ended up going
with a custom d-i installer by Kenshi Kmuto [1] to get Sarge initially
installed on the system.  From there I recompiled a newer kernel for
built-in functionality I wanted.  I believe he has a newer d-i ISO, but
I haven't tried it [2].  Overall I liked Kenshi's method the best as it
allowed me to do what I wanted easier (boot-on-RAID, etc) and was able
to have the AMD64 port of Debian [3] going.  Another option is to go with
a beta of Debian testing (Etch) [4] as I believe it works out-of-the-box 
on a SC430.


- greg                     
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On Sat, Sep 16, 2006 at 12:48:02PM -0600, Glenn English wrote:
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> The Debian installer (3.1r3 netinstall, 2.6 kernel) says there are no
> partitionable devices in this box (there is a pair of SATAs).
> Any solutions? Suggestions?
> TIA...
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