PXE w/ Broadcom NIC

Mann, Andrew amann at ea.com
Mon Oct 30 22:09:17 CST 2006

	I PXE booted a pair of 2950s which have Broadcom NICs a few
weeks ago without seeing this, and without any issues.  Does this only
apply to some of the Dell servers?


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There's a solution to the PXE-problem where a hexadecimal ff00 is added
to the filename.

Short description of the problem:

Want to boot via DHCP (PXE on the client) and TFTP.
Have bootfilename (for instance PXELINUX.0), and put this filename in
dhcp-options of the DHCP server.
The client, however, does not receive "pxelinux.0" but
"pxelinux.M-^?" (tcpdump tells us), and cannot find the file on the TFTP

A pragmatic workaround for the problem would be (and works, I've
rename the file on the TFTP server as the same:

cp pxelinux.0 `echo -e "pxelinux.0\xff\x00"
This looks in a ls as pxelinux.0M-^?

The TFTP server can than find the file, and the client will boot.


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