Sort disk with RHEL and DELL SAN

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Mon Oct 30 05:57:31 CST 2006


NOLLET Remy (CAMPUS) wrote:
> Hi,
> Does anybody can tell me how can I sort disk when I got SAN LUN and 
> local disk.
> I have a PE2850 with 2 local raid and 3 SAN lun.
> When I boot, the 3 SAN LUN are seen as sda,sdb,sdc (and sdd,sde,sdf)
> And local raid are seen as sdg and sdh.
> How can I change sdg to sda to simplify grub config etc…

if you have a "modern" linux distribution, I would direct you to have a 
look at udev. You can write identification rules which assign static 
labels in /dev to your devices based on serial id's, etc.
But beware, writing udev rules requires a virgin and at least two dead 
chickens, so I would either start using some device-independant layer 
like lvm / fs labels or forget about this issue.


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