Relocating Powervault 220S

David Reta DavidR at
Thu Oct 19 11:44:11 CDT 2006

We currently have a Powervault 220S attached to a 6650 running Redhat ES
3. The 6650 has a PERC 4DC Raid Controller which the Powervault is
attached to. The 220S is in a Raid 5 configuration and comes up as
/dev/sdb1. It has come time for the 6650 to be replaced with an 1850
running Redhat ES 4.


What I would like to do is move the PERC 4DC Raid Controller and the
Powervault 220S to the 1850. Should the partition come up as /dev/sdb1
just as is on the 6650? The hard drives on the 1850 are mirrored and are


ON the 6650 the 2 onboard Hard Drives are connected to the PERC 4DC. On
the 1850 the 2 onboard drives are connected to the on board Raid

Do you see any issues or could any settings or data be lost if I were to
move the PERC 4DC and Powervault 220S to the 1850? There is about a TB
of data on the 220S and this can not be down for too long.



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