BMC over LAN (which interface)

Shane Presley shane.presley at
Thu Oct 19 10:07:50 CDT 2006


On most of our PowerEdge 1850s, we have enabled IPMI Over LAN, and
setup an IP for our BMC on the same subnet as gigabit ethernet 0
(eth0).  That works fine.

Not using any VLANs.

However I'm confused about how I would setup our PowerEdge 6800s.
They have several quad port NICs installed, as well as the two

So the interesting thing is that the way RedHat enumerated the NICs,
eth0 is actually a quad card interface.

Our onboard gigabit ethernet 0 is actually eth16.

So what interface would our BMC IPMI over LAN need to be on?  Is it
always the physical onboard gigabit ethernet 0?  Or is it the0, as
defined by RedHat?


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