Installing OMSA v5 without Internet Access

Michael_E_Brown at Michael_E_Brown at
Thu Oct 19 09:26:43 CDT 2006

Easy enough. Just remove the "-O -" and the "| bash" to simply download
the script and read it. I hope it is pretty straightforward. It simply
downloads the Dell digital signatures and intalls the repo RPM.

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On 10/12/06, Rik Herrin <rikherrin at> wrote:
> Hi,
>   We currently have a bunch of Dell PowerEdges (x8xx) running RHEL v4
x86_64.  The machines are not accessible via the Internet at the moment
(due to security reasons), but I can VPN and scp files to them.  I
thereforce can't run the typical:
> wget -q -O - | bash
> to install OMSA because they don't have Internet access.

Just curious, this is the first I had seen that link, where can I find
more details on that script, and what it installs?

I have been installing OMSA via the downloaded .gz file previously.


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