PV220S Split bus Issue

Patrick_Boyd at Dell.com Patrick_Boyd at Dell.com
Wed Oct 18 09:45:27 CDT 2006

You need to verify that both EMMs are at the same firmware level. If
they are not then this can be the result.

To flash the PV220 firmware:
1. Turn off both computers
2. Set PV220 to joined mode. (Power cycle the PV220)
3. Restart one of the machines
4. Use the Dell Update package to update the firmware
5. Turn off the PV220.
6. Turn on the machines

If that doesn't work it's also possible that you're using cluster mode
instead of split mode. The PERC 3/DC will only handle this if it is in
cluster mode. (You can verify this by checking which target the
enclosure is using on the 1650, if the enclosure is target 6 then its
split or joined, 15 is clustered).

There are three switch possitions. For split bus mode it needs to be in
the middle possition.

Patrick Boyd
Dell Storage Software Engineer

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I'm trying to connect two machines to a PV220s.  I have the PV
configured in split bus mode.

Currently connected (and working) is a 1650 using it's internal
(non-RAID) controller using the first 7 drives.  I'm attempting to
connect a 2nd 2650 with a PERC3/DC to the second half of the tray -
however it doesn't detect the enclosure.  No drive lights flicker during
detection, and the external drives don't show up in the BIOS config
tool.  Both PERC and cable were tested and confirmed working on a
separate PV.

The only thing I've found in the Dell docs is this:

"""In either case, it is highly recommended that both halves of the
PV22xS be connected to the same type of SCSI RAID controllers (e.g.
PERC4 and PERC4 or PERC3 and PERC3)."""

Now in this situation this is not the case - but it's not clear to me
why this would matter if the buses are isolated.


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