Swapping raid sets with PERC 4e/Si

Mark Watts m.watts at eris.qinetiq.com
Mon Oct 16 07:35:40 CDT 2006

> Hello,
> We have two identical hardware 1850s, aside from disk.  Both have a
> PERC 4e/Si controller, with a 2 disk RAID 0 set.  However one system
> uses 300GB disks, the other 36GB disks.
> We built our new application server the 300GB disk system, and we now
> want to insert those disks into the 1850 that was running the 36GB
> disks.
> What should we expect to see on the RAID controller when we boot up
> the 1850 with two brand different disks (new to it), that were already
> a working RAID 0 set in another system.  Will it detect that it was
> RAID 0 and just boot it, or will we need to go into the array
> controller setup and do anything?
> Thanks
> Shane

It'll probably say something like "configuration changed, hit Enter to accept" 
and then work just fine.

I believe array configuration is stored on the disks these days, so you can 
swap the disk order in the chassis and it'll still work, and also move disks 
between chassis' and it'll still work.


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