PERC5 - MegaRaid-SAS problems..

Gordon Henderson gordon at
Thu Oct 12 10:17:18 CDT 2006

On Thu, 12 Oct 2006 Patrick_Boyd at wrote:

> Can you explain why your using software RAID instead of the hardware
> RAID already provided? Seems rather wastefull to me. Your giving up a
> dedicated 500Mhz chip that would do all the RAID for you and placing the
> load on the system processors... Sorry, but I just don't get it.

If my clients had been advised by their Dell sales person (who was told it
was going to be operated in JBOD mode) that they would have been better
off with the SAS5 card than the PERC5 card then we wouldn't be wasting a
500MHz chip, re-chanrgable battery, etc. (actually we wouldn't be wasting
2 of them as that's what was sent)

As to why I want to use software RAID rather than H/W RAID - well, that's
a holy war for another day, but basically, I want RAID-6 because I've been
stung with having a 2nd drive fail during re-construction of a RAID-5
array on both S/W and H/W RAID systems, I've been using Linux S/W RAID for
over 6 years now and know it well, trust it better than any hardware
solution and have all the tools I want under the distribution I want.


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