Debian GNU/Linux & Dell OMSA

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I tried these Dell OMSA packages in a Debian testing with stock kernel
2.6.17-2-686-smp. The machines were Dell 1750 and Dell 1850.

Unfortunately, with 'omreport' only the commands 'system' and 'storage'
works. The 'chassis' command doesn't even appears in the help when I do
'omreport -?'.

What is stranger is that I can obtain voltage and fan speed through SNMP
(works ok) but 'omreport chassis' returns nothing.
By the way, 'omreport storage' works fine e both machines.

Does any one have any idea of what I may be overlooking?
Thank You.

Nuno Jordão

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  Sander Keemink has done the most work in porting the OMSA 5.0.0 to 
debian. I only made some changes in creating the debian packages.

You can get the package from:

There are 3 packages for Debian Sarge. There is a backport to Sarge for 
openipmi tools else omsa 5.0.0 did not work. So you have to build a 
kernel with ipmi modules enabled.


We have installed it on our 1850 cluster and everything works for us.

After installation run:
   omreport chassis

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