PERC RAID monitoring on ubuntu (or debian)

Bill Tomlinson wstomlin at
Fri Nov 17 08:10:20 CST 2006

How can I remotely monitor the status of my PERC RAID array if I'm
running ubuntu (or debian)?

Pauli Borodulin's work to port OMSA 5.0 to debian has stalled (gee
Dell, it would be really nice if you'd pick up the ball on that
one...) And his OMSA 4.4 instructions get a little to hairy for my
skill level, to be honest. (You're free to make the obvious point that
I probably should have just used Red Hat if I wasn't comfortable with
compiling the kernel to get the OMSA drivers.)

smartmontools fail when you run them.

I've seen some mention of a program from LSI called megarc, but I
can't find an actual copy of it anywhere for downloading.

So what to other ubuntu/debian users do to monitor their raid array?

The main thing I want is remote notification of disk failure.


FYI: I'm running ubuntu 6.06

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