DRAC5 and Firefox?

Nicola_Worthington at McAfee.com Nicola_Worthington at McAfee.com
Mon Nov 13 09:57:39 CST 2006

Click on the Remote Access option on the left hand menu list, then Logs
on the top menu tabs. That should give you the DRAC5 event log. It
probably won't list anything useful in it though.

The link between the top tabs and the left hand side bar links isn't
especially intuitive in my book, but hey ho.

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> Nicola_Worthington at McAfee.com wrote:
> > I'm told by Dell that there is expected to be a new DRAC5 firmware 
> > update some time around June or July next yeah that will 
> hopefully fix 
> > this Firefox plugin installer issuer. I have yet to find out if the 
> > Firefox plugin will be fixed an independantly available before then.
> > Hopefully it will be. In the mean time, I've confirmed that the 
> > official fix from Dell (the one I've been given at least) 
> is to chmod 
> > 777 your plugin install directory in /usr/lib/firefox/plugins
> Thanks to Nicola and others for their Emails on this topic.
> chown of the plugins directory did not help, but chmod 777 
> seemed to at least make the install of the .xpi file think 
> something was done (that was a surprise). Still, selecting 
> the 'Refresh' button to launch the console redirect continues 
> to fail. Also figured maybe some path was hardcoded to 
> /usr/lib/firefox/plugins, so I set a symlink for that. No 
> joy. I'm running a rather older firfox, so maybe that's the 
> issue, but I get no errors I can find (checked the 
> java/javascript consoles).
> I found our group Windoze laptop and tried the console 
> redirect from there with Firefox - nope. Then tried the same 
> process with IE with utterly no difference. I don't think the 
> DRAC5 remote console works at all.
> Is there some way to get the DRAC5 to tell me about errors? 
> Near as I can tell the DRAC5 console support is flat out 
> broken. Oh well, at least I can power cycle the machine 
> rather than make the 20 minute trip to get at the box.
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> >>I managed to get it to install if you do this:
> >>
> >>chown -R `whoami` /usr/lib/firefox/plugins
> >>
> >>I currently have a support call open with Dell support to 
> try and fix 
> >>this.
> >>
> >>
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> >>>Subject: DRAC5 and Firefox?
> >>>
> >>>Anyone have success getting the remote console (rac5vkvm)
> >>
> >>to install
> >>
> >>>on Firefox?  A little searching with Google came up with 
> nothing but
> >>>failures?   There must be a "manual" process to get the 
> >>>plugin installed.
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