OMSA on PE2450 with Centos 4.4 struggle

Marcus Valentine marcus at
Sun Nov 12 14:29:44 CST 2006

Matt Domsch wrote:
> On Fri, Nov 10, 2006 at 10:22:51PM +0000, Marcus Valentine wrote:


>> Next, I downloaded the Dell OpenManage Server Assistant CD ver 8.7 from Dell, 
>> containing Dell System Management and Server Management v4.5 A00.


>>  From dmesg:
>> ipmi message handler version 33.13
>> IPMI System Interface driver version 33.13, KCS version 33.13, SMIC version 
>> 33.13, BT version 33.13
>> ipmi_si: Trying "kcs" at I/O port 0xca2
>> ipmi_si: Trying "smic" at I/O port 0xca9
>> ipmi_si: Trying "bt" at I/O port 0xe4
>> BT results: bad msg_len = -2
>> ipmi_si: Unable to find any System Interface(s)
> OMSA 4.5 doesn't use the openipmi device driver, so this should have failed.


> Uninstall the openipmi driver

I am correct in thinking that this was the driver contained in the rpm 
openipmi-33.13.RHEL4-1dkms ?  If so, I have uninstalled it.

> and use the OMSA 4.5-provided drivers, and it should work.

Sorry for being so feeble, but where are the OMSA 4.5-provided drivers - are 
they on the OpenManage Server Assistant CD, and what are they called?



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