FC in Production Environment

David Mitchell dave at alphalink.com.au
Wed Nov 8 21:16:07 CST 2006

Malcolm Frazier wrote:
> Recently my company bought a PowerEdge 1950 and FC4 will not go on this 
> machine because of the PERC and SAS hardware so I resorted to installing 
> CentOS on this machine.
> The only problem is CentOS 4.4 comes with Mysql 4.1.20 and php 4.0.x. 
> Though on all of my FC4 machines I have MySQL 4.1.15 and php 5.0.4 I 
> have been trying to figure out a way to upgrade PHP on CentOS to 5.0.4 
> and a way to downgrade MySQL to 4.1.15 if you have any good ways to do 
> this that would be great and I may consider switching all of my 
> production machines to centos.

You can install PHP5 by using the CentOS Plus repository as described 
here: http://mirror.centos.org/centos/4/centosplus/Readme.txt

MySQL 4.1.20 should be functionally equivalent to 4.1.15 so personally I 
wouldn't worry too much about that one :)


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