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eclark wrote:
> That depends. Are we talking about the Sony tv/ipFridge? If so, then 
> absolutely not. My understanding is that any ipv6 based ip keyfob will 
> automatically open their fridge, due to poor coding when they created the 
> auth module. I only recommend use of Samsung ipFridges.

Oh yah, the iFridge: transmits "pick up milk on the way home!" to your
iPod when you run low.

> On Wednesday 01 November 2006 12:13 pm, J. Epperson wrote:
>> On Wed, November 1, 2006 11:56, Todd Lyons wrote:
>>> <sigh>  Another list.  The same argument. </sigh>
>>> If you have the option, use a mailer that supports list-reply for your
>>> mailing lists, and your regular Outlook or Thunderbird or Evolution for
>>> the rest of your email.  I use mutt, which supports this.  (I've tried
>>> to switch away from mutt.  I really have.  But all of the gui clients
>>> just plain suck.  mutt just sucks less. <tm> )
>>> As someone who has administered lots of mailing lists, I won't set it up
>>> any other way.  I guess it's a religious thing.  My religion says never
>>> set the Reply-To to the list.
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>>> Regards...		Todd
>>> we're off on the usual strange tangents.  next will be whether
>>> it is ethical to walk in your neighbor's open house if they're
>>> running ipv6:-).                                  --Randy Bush
>> Todd, the trolls are definitely hungry today.  BTW, can you tell me how to
>> use SNMP to tell if the refrigerator light went off when I closed the
>> door?
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