list-admin :: default to 'reply-to' the list ?

Eberhard Moenkeberg emoenke at
Wed Nov 1 10:40:42 CST 2006


On Wed, 1 Nov 2006, Matt Domsch wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 01, 2006 at 04:45:40PM +0100, Eberhard Moenkeberg wrote:

>>> mailman, our mailing list software, won't send it to you twice as long
>>> as you're subscribed to the list and posting to the list from the same
>>> address.
>> Mailman sent this once. But Matt Domsch has sent it too, so I got it
>> twice.  This time I did Reply-to-All (last time I had edited the
>> header to go only to the list).  This needs hand crafting with every
>> single reply as long as Mailman does not fill in his own Reply-To
>> (list).
> Ahh, your subscription didn't have the 'nodupes' flag set, probably
> because you've been such a long-time subscriber you signed up before
> that feature existed.  I've set the flag for you now.  Others can do
> likewise using the handy subscription reminder notice you probably got
> this morning.

I did not get this twice, so you seem to be right.
But the mail I have got came from - how is mailman able 
to suppress the second mail which YOU have sent directly to me with 
Reply-To-All (not mailman)?

But anyways, as long as mailman does not add a Reply-To-List (only), lots 
of mail programs need hand-editing the header (delete the "private" To:, 
fill in the Cc: address into the To: field, delete Cc:).

Cheers -e
Eberhard Moenkeberg (emoenke at, em at

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