MegaServ take more and more memory

Christophe Chisogne christophe at
Tue May 30 08:48:38 CDT 2006

NOLLET Remy (CAMPUS) wrote:
> When I check MegaServ Process, it grow a lot ( more than 120 Mo of Memory )
> I have stop and the restart it...

Some months ago, I installed MegaMon on a Debian box (Sarge, custom 2.4 kernel).
But that horrible thing just ate all the cpu (about 100%). This was the worst
app I saw since ages! Really impressive how bad it is. Never again, thanks.

> Can you say me how it works ?

Simple : you install it, run it, get horrified, then uninstall it really quickly.
Next, you promised yourself to never touch it again and sleep much better :p

More seriously, using Dell tools on non RedHat-likes distribs (ex Debian)
is not officially supported by Dell afaik, which is soo bad (many many
boxes on the net are running Debian [1]). I guess you are not running
RedHat or Suze, but perhaps Debian or Mandrake ?

The (soon coming?) OMSA 5.0 will finally use recent drivers, which,
I hope, will improve things and make it easier to run it on all Linux boxes.
But I fear that installing OMSA on Debian won't be much easier than before,
because the pre/post scripts in the rpm packages aren't small :-(


[1] Strong growth for Debian

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