PowerEdge 1850 and RHEL4

Herman Vega hvegax at gmail.com
Fri May 26 10:30:13 CDT 2006

You must install RHEL4 from Dell CD "Installation and server
Management" . This its a KickStart.

On 5/25/06, John Hill <hill at hep.phy.cam.ac.uk> wrote:
> I'm trying to install RHEL4 (well actually, it's Scientific Linux CERN
> 4, but that is essentially the same for this discussion) on a PowerEdge
> 1850, PERC 4e/Si supporting 2x73GB disks in RAID 1 configuration as
> the system disk. Kernel is 2.6.9-34. The installation goes fine, but
> the root partition is corrupted within a day. Having a look around,
> there seem to be a number of references to problems with the megaraid
> drivers, but it isn't clear what the definitive solution is. I've tried
> booting with only 2GB (the system has 4GB) as this was one suggested
> fix, but it didn't help. The server also has a QLA2340 FC HBA in case
> it has any relevance.
> Any suggestions? I can also use RHEL3, but since it is likely that we
> want to move to RHEL4 in the next few months anyway, I'd like to try
> to find a way to use RHEL4.
> John Hill
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