PE 2850 Perc 3/Di won't report dead drive on afacli nor afasnmp

Francesc Guasch frankie at
Fri May 26 03:12:43 CDT 2006

Hi. BIOS reports me there is a dead drive in the RAID,
but I can't see it from afacli nor afasnmp.

When I reboot I see the message from the BIOS warning me
there has been a change in configuration. When I check it
typing CTRL-A I only see two drives alive and a dead one.

When the system boots, I see all the 3 drives:

AFA0> disk list
B:ID:L  Device Type     Blocks    Bytes/Block Usage            Shared Rate
------  --------------  --------- ----------- ---------------- ------ ----
0:00:0   Disk            143374650 512         Initialized      NO     160
0:01:0   Disk            143374650 512         Initialized      NO     160
0:02:0   Disk            143374650 512         Initialized      NO     160

I issued a "controller rescan" from afacli hoping it
had to update something but it keeps reporting 3 drives.

This is a Power Edge 2850, and the controller is:
RAID bus controller:
  Dell PowerEdge Expandable RAID Controller 3/Di (rev 01)
Linux kernel is 2.4.25 on debian stable ( sarge ).

What am I missing ?

 thank you

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