CRC errors on PowerEdge 750 w/Debian (2.6.15)

Jake McDermott jmcdermott at
Wed May 24 18:38:13 CDT 2006

Just curious if anyone else has run into a situation where both NICs in a
PowerEdge 750 are getting CRC errors when running the 2.6 kernel
(2.6.15-1-686) I've tried different versions of the kernel, to no avail -
but have not tried 2.4, as we can't use that.
Both NICs get the CRCs, I've already validated that anything else isn't
causing it (Cables, port, location, etc), just like to know if anyone else
has run into this before I start hassling Dell to replace the NICs. (never
seen it happen on both, so I'm a little leery.)
Jake McDermott
Senior Network Administrator
Syntricity, Inc
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