PowerVault 220 Performace IO Write problem

DPopkov at IBS.RU DPopkov at IBS.RU
Wed May 24 01:33:11 CDT 2006

Did you update firmware PV220 ?

Best regards, 
	Dmitry Popkov

Datafort, Moscow 
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Subject: PowerVault 220 Performace IO Write problem

Hi all

We have 2 Dell PowerEdge 2850 with RedHat Enterprise 4 in cluster with
RedHat Cluster Suite and a Storage PowerVault 220s (PERC4/DC scsi
controller card).

The storage has 3 disk each of 146Gb 10.000 rpm in raid-5.

The services are basically LAMP.

The problem are the OI write operations on storage pv 220s, are very very slow.

I 'am
* check the PERC4/DC configuration...
* updated the bios firmware
* check the correct PV switch mode. (cluster)
* check correct plug scsi calbes and channels.
* and tested poweredges separated (without cluster with storage)

like in thread http://lists.us.dell.com/pipermail/linux-poweredge/2004-January/012167.html

but the problem persist ... Some suggestions?

Best regards in advance.

Herman Vega Jara
Computer System Engineer at PlanOK.com
Documents System Manager Service
hvega at planok.com
Phone : (56 2) 439 69 41
Mobil  : (56 9) 798 57 57

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