Out of memory - but only 500M out of 4GB in use

Tony van Lingen tony.vanlingen at epa.qld.gov.au
Tue May 23 20:51:40 CDT 2006


I thought that memory allocated as 'cache' was (at least in theory) 
free? How do I prevent the kernel from allocating it? The program memory 
seems to use only 500M..
There's 2GB swap, virtually all of which is free.

Mem:   4147196k total,  3058100k used,  1089096k free,    15784k buffers
Swap:  2096472k total,    43060k used,  2053412k free,  2521072k cached

3GB memory is used, but 2.5GB of that is cache...


David Hubbard wrote:

>What's the value of your /proc/sys/vm/overcommit_memory
>With only 50 MB of free memory though, that's cutting
>it close.  How much swap do you have?
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>>I'm trying to run various OC4J (oracle java servers) as well 
>>as a couple of Oracle App servers (OAS) on the same box. It 
>>has 4GB RAM in it, 3.5 GB of which is allocated to cache when 
>>3 OAS instances and 1 OC4J instance are running. There's 50M 
>>unallocated memory. When I try to start another OC4J (java 
>>-jar oc4j.jar) it goes and allocated the remaining 50M abd 
>>then reports 'Out of Memory' and apparently hangs. 
>>Anyone knows how to get around this? It also seems to confuse 
>>the oom-kiler which goes and kills parts of the OAS (the 
>>webcache daemon - not good) when the system has "only" 2GB 
>>allocated to cache...
>>The box is a PE2850, 4GB RAM, 2CPU, RHEL 4 kernel 2.6.9-34 ELsmp.
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Information Management
Corporate Development Division
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Ph:	(07) 3234 1972
Fax:	(07) 3227 6534
Mobile:	0413 701 284
E-mail:	tony.vanlingen at epa.qld.gov.au

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