HD blink green

Patrick_Boyd at Dell.com Patrick_Boyd at Dell.com
Tue May 23 09:14:36 CDT 2006

Open Manage with SLES 9 support will be comming out with the OM 5.0
release which will be sometime this summer.
As for the blinking it sounds like you've somehow sent a passthrough to
the backplane to do a disk identify. Can you tell me what RAID card you
have exactly so that I can tell you how to turn off identify on the
Patrick Boyd 
Dell Storage Software Engineer 


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Hi all. I have a problem with my poweredge 2800 with raid scsi disk (3
for one 1 raid 5). I have SLES 9 installed. Beginning of yesterday the
lights of the I have one of the 2 led of my 2nd harddisk that blink
(green) and the other one always "green" (like write). Also the lights
of the others two harddisk are always "green", but no one blink. 

I have searched a dell utility for sles 9, but whitout lucky. And
support.dell.com is  a nigthmare. 

Tnx in advance for all. 

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