Openmanage - FC4 - kenel versions

Tom Brown tom at
Tue May 23 09:06:25 CDT 2006

> This is OMSA 4.5.
> Look at Pauli Borodulin's notes on compiling OMSA drivers for his OMSA
> 4.4. .deb packages:
> You will need a patch or two, and enable CONFIG_REGPARM in you kernel
> config.
> For the Gentoo Kernel I applied:
> and 
> These patches was provided for Gentoo by Wouter Coppens, you can find
> them here:

thanks - i have done this and got so far.... but not hit this rather odd 
error i think

[root at host 2.6.14]# /root/om/linux/supportscripts/ start
Starting Systems Management Device Drivers:
Starting dcdbas device driver:                             [FAILED]
mknod failed for dcdbas device driver.
See /var/log/dcdbas.log for output from mknod.
Starting OM Common Services:                               [  OK  ]
Starting Secure Port Server:                               [  OK  ]
Starting mptctl
FATAL: Module mptctl not found


[root at host 2.6.14]# cat /var/log/dcdbas.log
mknod: wrong number of arguments
Try `mknod --help' for more information.

mknod parameters:
NAME:  /dev/EsmBASDev0
TYPE:  c

any ideas as to what the issue is now as all other logs are silent


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