32-bit programs needing libssl.so on 64-bit?

David Hubbard dhubbard at dino.hostasaurus.com
Tue May 23 07:09:45 CDT 2006

I figured out what it needed.  I had to install the i686
version of openssl and the i386 versions of e2fsprogs,
krb5-libs and zlib, then the software started running fine.
Those populated the necessary libraries under /lib for the
old software to work.



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> David Hubbard wrote:
> > Anyone know what can be installed on x86_64 RHEL 4 to
> > make a 32-bit program work if it's closed source, uses
> > openssl and has been set to expect libssl.so
> > and libcrypto.so under /lib instead of /lib64?
> I'm not sure on the details of how libraries are placed under 
> RHEL4, but
> it should be sufficient to install a 32-bit build of openssl to
> somewhere that isn't going to clobber the 64-bit version, and 
> to invoke
> the closed-source program with LD_LIBRARY_PATH set to the place that
> you've installed the 32-bit libssl.so
> e.g. if 32-bit libssl.so is in /lib32
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/lib32 program_name
> or possibly (depending on exact requirements)
> LD_PRELOAD=/lib32/libssl.so program_name
> Have a look at 'man ld.so' for details and other options.
> j.
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