Reading LTO memory

David Hubbard dhubbard at
Mon May 22 17:53:34 CDT 2006

I wasn't aware that LTO had memory in the cartridge (like AIT)
but if it does, it's probably used for the same thing as AIT
which would just be for whatever your backup software chooses
to put there.  Normally when a drive determines cleaning is
necessary is just from the hours or it's physically dirty and
that can be caused by bad tapes or bad environment.


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> Anybody know how to read the Cartridge Memory on an LTO 
> cartridge on a 
> PV 132T under RHEL 3
> Also any pointers to diags for that setup would be great.  I have one 
> drive that goes for weeks with needing a cleaning and one 
> that won't go 
> for more then a few hours. Yes the mount or run time on the one going 
> for weeks is longer.
> I have some new media on order to test for Dell who would like to see 
> new media used to see if we can find the problem.  My guess, 
> change the 
> drive and the problem will go away but we'll test with new media. 
> Thanks In Advance
> Alan
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