OpenManage Remote Access components on PE1655MC

wolf2k5 wolf2k5 at
Mon May 22 04:42:16 CDT 2006


I've installed the latest version of Dell OpenManage Server
Administrator Managed Node
(OMI-SrvAdmin-Dell-Web-LX-450-32-335_A00.tar.gz) on a PowerEdge 1655MC
blade server running RHEL4 U3 x86.

I've run the script and I've chosen to install all
components (menu choice 6), including the Remote Access components:


When rebooting the server, the racser service failed to start  with
the following message:
"The rac Probe of RAC board: RAC pci device not found"

Then the server got stuck while trying to start the racvnc service.

I had to force a reboot, use the interactive boot process and select
to not start the racvnc service to bring the server back online.

I installed the same software on another PE1655MC blade server, this
time using the express install option for the

  [-x|--express] installs all components (including 'RAC', if available)
                   any other options passed will be ignored.

The express install didn't load the Remote Access components on the
server and I was able to successfully reboot it w/o any issue.

So apparently these components are not supported on the PE1655MC, can
anyone confirm?


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