PowerEdge 2850 with PERC 4/ei

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For what its worth, if you are a newbie to linux it may be wise to use a supported distro. It may prove a bit more simple for you!

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Let me start by saying that as far as putting Linux on servers, I am a
complete newbie.  This was supposed to be an 1850 with no RAID controller to
make my life easier; however, someone higher up decided that RAID would be
nice.  Anyway, here are the specs of the computer:
Base Unit:  3.2GHz/2MB Cache, Xeon, 800MHzFront Side Bus for PowerEdge 2850

Processor: 3.2GHz/2MB Cache, Xeon, 800MHzFront Side Bus, 2nd processor for
PowerEdge 2850 (311-4846)

Memory: 4GB DDR2 400MHz (2X2GB) Single Ranked DIMMs (311-3603)

Video Memory: Riser,ROMB,PCI-X,PE2850 (320-3977)

Hard Drive: 4 X 300GB Hard Drive, Ultra320SCSI, 10K RPM, 80 pin PowerEdge

Hard Drive Controller: Embedded RAID - PERC4 Embedded Integrated (341-1506)

NIC: Dual On-Board NICS ONLY (430-8991)

Documentation Diskette: Electronic Documentation and OpenManage CD Kit,
PE2850 (310-5474)

Additional Storage Products: 300GB Hard Drive, Ultra 320 SCSI, 10K RPM, 80
pin PowerEdge (341-1905)

Feature MR5, ROMB RAID 5, Drives attached to PERC4ei,PE2850 (341-1356)

Can someone point me to some documentation or give me some advice on what I
will need to do to install Debian (Sarge 2.6 kernel) on this machine?  Or if
someone would like to convince me to use a different distro, I would
appreciate any input.
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