Dell to start selling AMD Opteron Servers

Eric Warnke ericew at
Thu May 18 21:56:21 CDT 2006

On 5/18/06, Jonathan Lambert <j at> wrote:
> Neither of us (we're not related) could buy from Sun, and I found HP and
> IBM's pricing to be absolutely insane.

I'm in a similar situation where the amount of work necessary to buy
from a vendor rather than Dell is often a several month proposition (
IBM ) or there is no way we can justify to purchasing ( Sun, IBM ) why
we are spending so much or are just not in the system so we would have
to go out for bid ( HP ).

Myself and all of our researchers will be happy to see opterons as an
option directly from Dell.  If we could get opterons for anywhere near
the price we get the Xeon equipment we will be in computational


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