Number of processors shown on PE2850

Robert Goley ragoley at
Wed May 17 08:09:24 CDT 2006

I have Srge running on many Dell servers including th 2850.  All dual 
processor machines with hyperthreading enabled that are running a SMP kernel 
show up in /proc/cpuinfo as 4 individual processors.  The fact that you see 2 
tells me you are most likely using a SMP kernel.  I would check my packing 
slip to ensure that the order included 2 processors.  Would not be the first 
time I have seen servers ordered differently because of changes to Dell's web 
site.  Other than that, I would open the machine up and look.


On Wednesday 17 May 2006 07:45, Jim Potter wrote:
> Hi All,
>   I have just bought 2 PE2850s with twin Xeon 3.2 hyperthreading
> processors...
> - one runs W2k server and shows 4 processors - this is what I expect to
> happen
> - the other runs debian sarge 3.1 and only shows 2 processors - I would
> expect to see 4 here, but get no error messages in dmesg
> All other twin hyperthreading Xeon PEs I have with Debian sarge show up
> 4 processors (these are 1600SCs with 2.8 Xeons)
> does anyone else have Sarge running on a similar setup, and how many
> processors do you see?
> cheers in advence,
> Jim Potter
> UK

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