Gentoo on PowerEdge 1850

Jonathan Adamczewski jadamcze at
Tue May 16 22:21:09 CDT 2006

Jason Clouse wrote:
> I have been tasked with building a Linux server with a shiny new
> PowerEdge 1850!  I'm planning on using Gentoo and learning a lot on the
> way.  This will be my first server (although I've built many Linux
> desktops in the past).  Has anyone here successfully used Gentoo?  Are
> there any serious issues I should bear in mind?  If not, I'll be a
> guinea pig. :-)

I'm running a gentoo setup on a PE2500.  No specific difficulties come 
to mind - like any machine, it's a matter of getting the configuration 
right.  Make sure there's support for the disk controller in the kernel, 
and should be able to work out the rest as you go :)

It might be worth having a look at - it should save you some 
hassle if you choose to install OMSA.


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